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July 12, 2007


Jason Davis

Dave, If you listen to the intros of the last 2 weeks of the Recruiting Animal Show www.recruitinganimalshow.com it will leave little doubt as to your questioning his sanity.



Dave Lefkow


Steven Rothberg, CollegeRecruiter.com

Great blog entry. Thought you'd be interested in reading my entry as it builds on your thoughts: http://www.CollegeRecruiter.com/weblog/archives/2007/07/why_so_many_rec.php .

Dave Lefkow

well said, steven - how blogging helps tpr's vs. corporate recruiters is an interesting angle. thanks for the post and comment!

Recruiting Animal

This is a great one for my endorsement file. But now I've got to start asking you to come on The Recruiting Animal Show. Just so we can fight. Keep the fire burning. What fire? That one.

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