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July 01, 2007

More (sensible) lawyers respond to video resumes

Over on the Law.com blog network - have we discovered a parallel universe that is also overrun by blogs? - Carolyn Elefant makes some sensible arguments about video resumes in response to my earlier post on the subject. That's right - a lawyer. Making sense. About a topic that could have billable hours attached to it.

Kidding aside, the crux of Carolyn's argument is really the ultimate irony of the story. Lawyers represent the one profession that may have the most to gain from video resumes. What better way to understand a lawyer's ability to stand in front of a jury of their peers than to see them on video? What better way for one legal student among thousands to stand out from the crowd? For lawyers, video beats a resume any day of the week.

But if you are a lawyer looking to build a video resume - for the sake of your own dignity - please do NOT end it with: "Ladies and gentleman of the jury, I am the person you should hire." or "Interview closed."


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