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July 27, 2007


Chad Sowash

Missionaries entering SL to save souls through ministry does not equal recruiting?

Pure and simple, the church sees SL as a haven for lost souls in need of the word of God.

From the article:
Spadaro warns the uninitiated that "the erotic dimension is very present" in Second Life, that people can buy genitalia for their avatars in a world that is "open to any form of erotic stimulation from prostitution to pedophilia."

Dave Lefkow

Not to get too deep into this, but I would argue that good intentions and soul-saving don't necessarily mean that there isn't some tie to recruiting members into the church. After all, most recruiters have good intentions as well - they're just trying to help people find better jobs - but at the end of the day, they want people to believe that it's their job that's the better one.

Chad Sowash

Thin... very, very thin...

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