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April 25, 2007


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Hej! You make a really good point about the effectiveness of pay-per-click job boards for large companies.

I have a jobsite for English speakers in Sweden (JobsinStockholm.com) that incorporates Web 2.0 tools for the user and offers either a pay-per-click of fixed price model for advertisers.

The reponse has been mixed as some companies prefer a flat fee while others prefer to pay by the click.

Our anti-click fraud system is transparent which makes it easy for me to show clients how many views their job received and how much they will be charged.

From my point of view it is crucial that I remailn flexible in my pricing and stay true to my niche and deliver a win-win situation for everyone involved.


your assessment of the pay per click model for job boards is dead on. Indeed.com is a little different in that the majority of their customers are job boards, not individual employers (though they are attempting to gain more traction in that area). Job boards don't look at the quality of candidates/resumes that are being driven to their customers, their job is to drive traffic...period. Individual employers will look at the quality of resumes they are getting thru ppc and the unfortunately, a huge majority will be unqualified, such is the nature of posting jobs on the internet. The quantity of resumes they receive (not clicks) will be directly related to the complexity of their ATS's application process. The easier it is to apply, the more resumes they will receive.

pay per click services San Diego

Pay-per-click is more cost-effective than pay-per-post for an employer. But it's hard to swallow for an enterprise because it's so counter-intuitive and tough to scale to the real meat of the market without an absolutely gigantic marketing or sales push. thank you for posting.


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