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March 07, 2007


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Michael Johnson

Great post Dave! Couldn't help but add my two cents:

Company 1) Never met an RFP that I didn't run from. The only ones I ever close are the ones I send to engaged prospects to help validate a decision that's all ready been made.

Company 2) The SaaS model is helping. If you're paying for software as a service it's in the vendor's and salesperson's best interests to make sure your expectations are documented and exceeded.

Company 3) What's your strategy for insuring user adoption... and remember "hope" is not a strategy. Most software ends up sitting on the shelf or at best used after critical business decisions have been made and actions taken. For example in todays world of recruiting, if you're not tracking emails sent/received in your ATS you might as well be using Outlook.

Company 4) It's nice to focus on one vertical. Since we focus on 3rd party recruiting and staffing the numbers that count are submissions, interviews, placements. If you're not measuring them now you have no business buying software... if the software doesn't improve them the vendor has no business selling it.

Company 5) Nobody's perfect and with today's complex systems if it can break it will. The questions to ask yourself are what did your vendor do to help identify the problem and did they take ownership and fix it.

Company 6) You get what you pay for!

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