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February 22, 2007


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Chad Sowash

Ok, let me get this straight, the virtual career fairs (VCF) of yester-year were a total bust, but SL could possibly lead the VCF through a revival that would bring actual ROI? IF you're an early adopter that is..?? I like a dreamer, but you're reaching Dave. Personally, I would like to say hats-off to JWT who is actually pulling tangible results from SEM(r), although I would like to note, for the sake of this blog post, I believe they are quite lacking in the SL island ownership department...

Dave Lefkow

Chad -

My head's not in the clouds on this.

I do believe that virtual career events in SL have the potential to be a big hit because there are more interactive elements - i.e. you could get to know the people vs. just what's on their resumes, which you couldn't get before in the old model of virtual job fairs. The problem is that when tons of companies jump on board, the likelihood of this being effective could decrease and there could be a much less personal process that evolves down the road. The trick to get a high ROI is to ensure that the audience is on target for your recruiting needs.

I'm also not saying that the only way to get a high ROI is through a virtual career fair in SL - I highly suggest that companies explore other ways to interact with this audience.

And yes, hats off to JWT or anyone else who is helping drive employers to use SEM (also an under-utilized and highly effective source - I just had a conversation with a company about this yesterday) and quantifying results. Would love to learn more about what they're doing - if anyone with JWT reads this blog, please reach out to me at [email protected] Thanks!

Aleister Kronos

I think you need to rein in a bit on SL expectations. For the right jobs it might be suitable now: creative media posts (see Australian company Hyro for example)and multimedia IT professionals. However, for widescale recruitment use, I am 99% sure you'd find it disappointing, at least for the foreseeable future. That said, the capital outlay is low, so it may be worth a punt - if only for promotional purposes.

An important consideration is that SL is a peculiar environment, in which it is difficult to attract and retain the attention of your target group. Many companies have already created virtual ghost towns, trying to appeal to SLers.

It is also a very immature, unstable environment that has appeal for early adopters, but is simply not ready for the mass market. It will get there, provided Linden Labs get the right help and don't implode under the current pressures. But it is not there now.

However, don't let the above put you off! Despite the above, I'm enthusiastic about the potential for SL, and believe it represents the first faltering steps in the next generation of internet. I'm not alone in this - IBM have the same view.


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Jemma Bates

Thanks for the article Dave. Jacob the advantage of having a Virtual Assistant is that you don't have to keep them on if times get tough - have them carry out work for you only as you require it, and at a negotiated price.



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Lawrence Perry

The major advantage of hiring a Virtual Assistant instead of hiring a regular office worker is that it comes out cheaper for the company.

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