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February 28, 2007


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Dave Lefkow

This was a post by Meg Steele, Director of Recruiting for Swedish Medical Center. I'm working on making sure authors are listed at the end of posts so you know who it is. Either I'm clueless or this is harder than it's supposed to be.

To answer your question Meg, the best team structure really does depend on what you're trying to accomplish. However, I am increasingly seeing a specialized approach being taken even for relatively small recruiting teams like yours.

If your goal is to generate more referrals, for instance, you might assign a coordinator or recruiter whose job it is to help drive and respond to all referrals.

If your goal is to source more proactively, you might think about hiring a dedicated sourcer. Some are better using technology while others are better over the phone - kind of depends on your audience.

If your goal is to help with executive recruiting, you might consider hiring someone with an executive recruiting background. Many companies, large and small, are beginning to take some of their executive recruiting in house (depends on your volume there).

Having a recruiting manager or team lead might also be a good idea to help you focus on more strategic initiatives and get away from managing the day-to-day.

Overall I would suggest starting with your ideal state as a recruiting team and working backwards from that to determine the best additions and structure for your team. Hope that is helpful!

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